Blessings Chidakwa

A deputy headmaster at Mnangagwa (Mafidhi) Primary School, Kwekwe, is alleged to have recently fondled buttocks of a grade six pupil in classroom.

An impeccable source at the institution informed this reporter that Brighton Mawire is not denying the allegations, but as part of his defence is insisting that he wanted to beat noise makers and randomly selected a pupil thereby confusing the girl one for a boy as she was wearing a slack.

Mawire is alleged to have used bare hands to beat up the girl confusing her for a boy.

The issue became the talk of the school after fellow classmates spread the rumour of what had transpired.

Mawire was later summoned by his superior who asked him if he was aware of the charges against him that is when he narrated the whole story that he thought he had beaten a boy pupil on the said day.

Sadly, the matter was never reported neither to the Ministry of Education nor the police.

All hell broke loose last week after a female teacher at the school who is purportedly to be at war with the deputy reported the matter to the provincial education director Mrs Agnes Gudo who summoned the school authority over the issue.

Mawire is yet to appear for hearing at Ministry of Education.