Malon Mushaya 27 years of Dombotombo Marondera has, appeared in court today in Marondera on a suspected case of vandalism.

Mushaya tried to open the top cover of 10kVa transformer and interfered with live parts in the process, and sustained burns on the neck, leg, hand and stomach spent time in Hare hospital.

Theft and vandalism of Zesa infrastructure has, become prevalent throughout the country. Replacement of transformers is very costly as they are imported.

With the country experiencing such losses, theft and vandalism of electricity infrastructure incidents have become a serious cause for concern and there has been calls that this should be declared a state of emergency.

The state of emergency entails diverting resources towards this challenge as infrastructure damage was stalling the economic development agenda.

ZESA once bemoaned the occurances, saying instead of improving on their services and growing as an industry, they are busy looking back to replace the cables that have been stolen and replace transformers, which have been drained of oil, and transformers whose components have been stolen.

It was worrying to note that most of these cases were organised crime with some of the accomplices coming from different organisations including Government departments, which are instead supposed to be safeguarding the country’s assets.

Meanwhile, the country continues to lose electricity equipment worth millions of dollars through vandalism and theft despite the crimes attracting a 10 year mandatory sentence.

Criminals mostly target copper conductors, transformer windings and the oil.