According to reports, a Kenyan woman who had gained fame on Instagram for her extravagant lifestyle has tragically passed away in Malaysia while involved in drug trafficking for her Nigerian boyfriend.

The deceased, identified as Brenda, arrived at a Malaysian airport and began exhibiting unusual behavior, catching the attention of security guards. Suddenly, she collapsed to the ground, experiencing seizures and foaming at the mouth. It was later discovered that one of the cocaine-filled bags she had ingested had ruptured, leading to her critical condition.

Brenda was immediately rushed to a hospital in Malaysia for urgent medical treatment, but unfortunately, she succumbed to her condition while undergoing care.

During the forensic examination of her body, medical professionals discovered 34 cocaine-filled capsules in her stomach, indicating her involvement in drug trafficking.

Despite her glamorous lifestyle portrayed on Instagram, Brenda concealed her illegal activities as a drug trafficker. She frequently embarked on luxurious vacations and traveled around the world, leaving behind the impression of a life of opulence.