UFIC church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has said the Lord had already told him about the death of Pastor Jacob Tembo and his passing on was not a surprise.

“The Lord had shown me the death of Paster Tembo. I visited him on November 10 after the Lord has shown me his death and I told him about it.

“The Lord told me that Paster Tembo was going to die before the end of this year and his wife also knew about it,” said prophet Makandiwa.

He described the late Pastor Tembo as a man who feared the Lord during a memorial service held in Mutare’s Murambi Gardens low density suburb.

“Pastor Tembo was a man who respected and feared the Lord, he was one of the man who I salute because of his great relationship with God and I am sure that he has gone to heaven,” he said.

“He was a man who listened to me even if some Pastors might not, he was always there for me. We have to stop mourning at this moment  and celebrate the life of Paster Tembo as he had lived a righteous life. To me , Paster Tembo was a general hence we have to celebrate the good things he has done during his life time and the departure of a general,” he said.

Prophet Makandiwa urged church members to take care and support the family left by pastor Tembo.

” As church members we have to continue to support the family left by pastor Tembo as a way of consoling them, we have to give Amai Tembo rest.”

Pastor Tembo was buried in Harare yesterday.