Controversy-ridden socialite and comedienne Mai Titi could be on her way to holding Wedding Number 4 if her annunciations on social media are, in actual fact, anything to go by.

The outspoken rib-cracker took to her official page on the macro-blogging Facebook platform to advise her multitudes of fans and followers that this time around, the wedding will take place in Texas, America.

The latest development comes after she already had three well-to-do wedding ceremonies, including the recent lavish traditional wedding ceremony that was held on home soil.

While publicising the forthcoming Texas wedding ceremony in a post which she fused the vernacular Shona with the official English language, Mai Titi said:

“Todiiko tochatira muTexas here? Payeka takachatira muchibage tingori 2 😂mucourt takuda ka a Celebration ikoko kuAmerica ndekupiko kunoita ?mombomiraka mashifts muroora weAmereka wouyeko 😂😂😂😂😂.
Give me tips Amereka ingakundwe neZimbabwe here kuriko kune maRich Aunty 😎😂😂
Monditsvagirawo Makeup Artist wekuMalawi 😂😂“.

And, in apparent concordance with her planned fourth wedding, internet users who follow Mai Titi appear to be madly in love with her upcoming Texas wedding ‘show’.

Reacting to the post and apparently cheering her on, @KellyTanikka said:

“Do it Mai titi even kustates you deserve it your lovely soul be happy n prosper”.

According to @KateChenay:

“You (Mai Titi and husband Obina) can do anything guys, bring it on, we are behind you 💪🏾“.