Is the world now coming close to the dreaded End Times as foretold by the Holy Scriptures, back in the sacred epoch of Holy Emmanuel, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?

And, for citizens based in the predominantly Christian southern African country that was christened Zimbabwe at its independence in 1980, this is one of the questions that lingers on the lips of many.

For, how could a nation that wakes up to the puzzling revelations from a whole mother of two who has the guts to say that she is putting her unborn child up for sale in the pursuit of mobilising funds to raise her other living child, not be excused to also think that the inevitable end-of-the-world, laden with signs and wonders, is nigh?

Of course, you heard it right- and it’s astonishingly weird that a 26-year old Harare woman, who claims to have been dumped by her apparently heartless baby father has resolved to put her yet-to-be-born child up for sale so that she gets the finances to buy a wheelchair for her other child, who is living with disability.

The 26-year old woman, Ruvarashe Taruvinga, was quoted by one state tabloid as saying that she has been subjected to a sorry life of trials and tribulations at the hands of her husband, Tawanda Banda (33), who allegedly dumped her immediately after she’d given birth to a handicapped child.

According to a report carried by H-Metro, Taruvinga confessed that she, at one time, decided to commit suicide, after she nearly succumbed to the antagonistic pressures from Banda and her relatives who despised her for giving birth to a child with disabilities.

Disturbingly, now that she no longer habours intentions of terminating her own life, Taruvinga who survives on vending in the busy streets of the capital city, thinks she has a better alternative- trading her ‘unborn child’ to a willing couple, before the innocent soul gets the opportunity of seeing the light of the day.

“Life has not been fair to me and I nearly committed suicide,” she says.

Taruvinga further blames her allegedly estranged husband of tampering with her family planning tablets- a condition she blames for her current pregnancy.

And, as if that is not enough cause for agony, Banda, reportedly dumped Taruvinga, leaving her with the heavy tummy accommodating the ‘up-for-sale’ child.

“My husband and in-laws neglected my child living with disability, arguing that there was no one in their family with such a condition. (Banda then) devised a plan to impregnate and dump me,” Taruvinga says.

In her outline of the circumstances surrounding her current state, Taruvinga further claims that, after she fell pregnant, Banda escaped to neighboring Malawi where he is now domiciled.

On why she now wants to sell her unborn child, Taruvinga narrated to H-Metro, saying:

“I didn’t want another child considering considering the life I am living where I am failing to support this child (draped on her back during the time of speaking to journalists)”.

Anotori mwana saka handaida kuita mumwe mwana anodazve kuberekwa”.

According to the ‘troubled mother’, she would be ‘grateful’ in the event that she finds another couple that ‘wants to pay for the child in my womb’.

Taruvinga also went on to give the would-be ‘buyers’ of her unborn child some clues, telling the state media that:

“He is a boy, according to the scan. I am expecting the child in June (as per) maternity records”.