Mai Titi and dancehall artiste Zizoe’s breakup has gone sour leading to the comedienne claiming that the chanter is a one-minute man in bed.

Mai Titi went public on the issue on social media.

She claimed Zizoe had pushed her to the edge hence she ended up revealing such information.

“Of late I wasn’t talking to this guy (Zizoe), I broke up with him nicely ndisina kumbomutuka kana kutaura zvisizvo.

“He went live on social media saying he want to talk about me saying pane zvaakuda kupuditsa.

“He should respect me and so kana tati tasiyana he should respect that.


“What does he want to talk about and yet ini I have been quiet, that’s why I lashed at him,” said Mai Titi.

Mai Titi claimed she made Zizoe a something from nothing as he had nothing.

“Zizoe is a nobody that I made a somebody. His brother came begging to me kuti ndimusimudze and I did that.

“He used me for fame and him to rise, I provided everything from food, he used my cars, I took care of that guy when he was in need.

“Kana tarambana haafanirwe kutaurisa zvaakuda kuita.

“He is being pushed by his brother, Simba anozviti manager wake, they act all rich but they have nothing. He is being influenced.”

She said she can’t cry over losing Zizoe because she can’t cry over a man who can’t satisfy her in bed.

“Zizoe can’t even last five minutes in bed, so how can I cry over a man who does not satisfy me in bed.”