Drama as Baba Denzel’s lover phones Amai Denzel: Ari sei murume wedu

It looks like Baba Denzel is to not innocent in the ongoing Amai Denzel love triangle drama. This comes after his girlfriend from Kuwadzana called his wife to find out how  “how their hussband is doing.”

The woman informed her amaiguru(Mai Denzel) that her husband used her as next of kin when he made a report to police following a road accident.

In the audio Amai Denzel appears calm and collected as she politely engaged her husband’s small house without threats or use of abusive and foul language as is usually the case in love triangle confrontations. Baba Denzel later heard about the call and warned his small house not to call his wife again.

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Reports are that, Tariro aka Amai Denzel’s boyfriend, one Daniel Parangeta, from Chimhanda village in Rushinga was riled by Tariro’s decision to dump him for his friend.

This didn’t go down well with him and he exposed Tariro to her husband, who confronted her.

The matter has since been circulating on social media after the husband forced her to confess by calling her relatives to inform them about her shenanigans. In some audios, Tariro was made to confess to her brother over the phone in the presence of her husband who was heard telling her what to say.

“I was dating someone, so I later dumped him and started dating another one. I didn’t know they knew each other. So, he discovered that affair and told my husband.

“He also showed him some nude pictures of me that I had sent him,” Tariro said.

Baba Denzel said Daniel had sent him Tariro’s photos via WhatsApp.

I was surprised when her boyfriend Daniel told me about his relationship with my wife as if that was not enough, he then sent my wife’s nude pictures as proof that indeed were in love.

“I then confronted my wife about the issue and asked her about Daniel and she ran away.

“I then received a phone call from Daniel asking why I asked Tariro about the issue and he later told me that Tariro was hiding in my landlord’s house,” said Baba Denzel.