By Shakespeare Muzavazi
Renowned Prophetic Healing and Deliverance( PHD) leader prophet Walter Magaya has allegedly fired Yadah FC coach over a clash of prophecies on the Dynamos-Yadah FC game that saw his anointed team being beaten by a goal to nothing.

Prophet Walter Magaya went on to suspend the coaching staff of his Yadah F.C following the team ‘s 1-0 loss to Dembare, explained during a church service why he did so.

According to him, as the technical director of the team and also a prophet, he told coach Jairos Tapera to leave out a certain player in the game and also to use a different game plan, but Tapera defied all the ‘spiritual orders’ and used the same player after abandoning the “tactical revelations ” advised by the Prophet.

Responding to the issue, Tapera said he was receiving visions of his own s and also had ” a dream” in which he was told what to do.

This was taken as undermining the authority of Magaya who went on to suspended the coaching staff.

The move, however, failed to pay dividends as Yadah FC, who had surprisingly made a bright start to the season, went on to concede heavily when they lost 7-2 against Bantu Rovers.

The club’s chairman Everson Chatambudza however, tried to be diplomatic when asked about Tapera and Matsika’s no-show, saying the heavy defeat was as a result of the players failing to grasp the new formations introduced by the club’s owner Magaya, who doubles as technical director.