The plight of Madzibaba Ishmael’s two children, Shadreck, 11, and Amon, 13, has sparked concern as they have never had the opportunity to attend school. Their father, Madzibaba Ishmael, aged 54, has staunchly barred them from pursuing education due to his beliefs, leaving them unable to read or write.

Following the dissolution of Madzibaba Ishmael’s marriage to his first wife, Tendai Mukombe, in 2020 due to his polygamous beliefs, Shadreck and Amon have been under the care of their mother. Tendai expressed her frustration at her children’s lack of access to education, highlighting their desire to enroll in Grade One despite their older ages.

“I was against Madzibaba Ishmael’s doctrine of barring children from being educated,” Tendai stated. “My two children want to go to school, like any other children of their age.”

Despite their eagerness to learn, Shadreck and Amon face mockery from their peers for their illiteracy, further compounding their struggles.

Madzibaba Ishmael’s father-in-law and lieutenant, James Gwenzi, echoed the church doctrine’s stance against allowing children to attend school. This rigid belief system has deprived numerous children of their right to education within the community.

The dire situation has drawn attention to the broader issue of education rights and the impact of religious beliefs on children’s development. As Madzibaba Ishmael and others face legal repercussions for their actions, concerns persist for the well-being and future prospects of children caught in similar circumstances.

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