SELF-STYLED Prophet Talent Madungwe, who has bizarrely claimed he met God in heaven, has fallen on hard times and can now barely afford to pay his rent.

His critics will claim that this is the punishment he is receiving for blasphemy when he used to drag God’s Holy name into his obscure sermons.

The Exile Desire of All Nations founder is now facing eviction after he failed to pay rentals for almost FOUR months at the house he is staying in Hatfield, Harare.

His 70-year-old landlady, Gogo Mangena, told H-Metro that Prophet Madungwe was even opting to leave without settling his dues.

“I was being silenced from demanding my rentals for some time,” said Gogo Mangena.

“Prophet Madungwe kwakutondidheerera vachingoti ndichabhadhara, ndichabhadhara.

“I gave him a notice and he wants to leave without paying my money.

“This is unfair considering that I respect him as a celebrity.

“He wakes up daily and conducts three prayers without going to work.

Handidye minamato yake ini, ndinoda mari yangu.”

Prophet Madungwe confirmed falling on hard times claiming that he was dealing with temptations.

“Things have not been well for me since September last year,” said Prophet Madungwe.

Ukaona wakushaya mari yekubhadhara rent ziva kuti nevana varikutofa nenzara.

“I am being attacked by the Devil because of preaching the word and a number of enemies are after my downfall, but I will not give up.

“I have not been meeting God for talks for some time, besides that, God does not give us money but power to heal and raise the dead.”

The controversial prophet has a minor child and his wife is expecting another child.

He made headlines with his wild claims that he was a frequent visitor to Heaven where he would conduct meetings with God as well as sharing food with Him.

His critics said this was blasphemous and will jump to his current woes as evidence of the punishment he is now receiving for his bizarre claims.