Bikita East legislator, Johnson Madhuku has denied social media reports doing the round that he is the mastermind of a cattle rustling racket that has rocked his constituency.
Social media was last week abuzz with reports that Madhuku, a former Pamushana High head was picked by Police at Nyika Growth Point on Thursday in connection with a case involving over 200.
The reports said that Madhuku was keeping the stolen cattle at his farm in Rwendedzo.
Madhuku however, told The Mirror that he is the one who actually went to the Police station and alerted Police of rampant cattle rustling in the area. He said he has a farm in Rwendedzo some 20km from Masvinog along Mutare Road but it has a capacity of 20 cattle which is what is there.
Although a number of suspects were arrested over the matter, The Mirror checked with the Police and there is no report implicating Madhuku.
Madhuku said the rumour is the work of his political enemies.
“Villagers are being deprived of their wealth by unscrupulous people. I am nowhere near the theft of cattle in Bikita. I only have 20 cattle on my farm. Some people are saying that I have been arrested but that is not true because I am in Harare on Parliament business,” said Madhuku.