OUTSPOKEN Comedienne Madam Boss (real name Tyra Chikocho) has called upon hard-pressed Zimbabwean artists to speak out, through their varied artistic talents, against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Government, boldly declaring that: ‘Now Is the Time!’

Fusing the vernacular Shona with English Language in a thread on her official Twitter handle, Madam Boss said she was concerned about influential artists who have ‘remained silent’ about political matters on social media yet politics negatively impacts on the livelihoods of the same artists.

“Masahwira maswera sei? My two cents: chimwe chinhu hwani munyika medu tine ma musicians, actors who are very influential pa social media but they are silent on (political) matters as if it doesn’t affect our lives too. Guys yakwana nguva, tanzwa veduwe (Now is the time, we are sick and tired of these problems),” tweeted Madam Boss.

Most Zimbabwean artists have suffered under the brunt of the economic decay that has befallen the southern African nation, with some dying as paupers in an industry widely viewed as thankless.