Management at one gold mine in Shurugwi was Tuesday left counting losses after a gang of robbers wielding traditional weapons which included machetes and knobkerries raided its premises, before getting away with hard cash amounting to $5 000 and a firearm.

In the violent execution of their untimely raid at Circle V mine, the robbery syndicate is understood to have also stabbed and injured one staffer who had made attempts at resisting the demands for everyone to comply with their demands.

The stolen cash, according to officials at the mine, was part of the float for buying gold at Circle V.

And, despite Midlands provincial police spokesperson Joel Goko saying he was yet to be furnished with details surrounding the violent attack at the mine, police authorities in the small mining town confirmed the incident to state media.

On the other hand, Luckson Masuku, the mine supervisor narrated the events which led to the raid.

“Initially, two men who pretended to be clients approached the security guard and asked how much they would get for the 20g of gold they had. The security guard told them the offices had been closed but they drew nearer to him showing what they were claiming to be the 20g of gold they intended to sell at the mine,” Masuku said.

A dejected Masuku added that the two assailants bundled up the security guard afterwards, before striping him of the firearm he uses to man the premises.

After rendering the security guard defenceless, Masuku said the gang broke into an office where they got away with cash amounting to $5 000.

It is also reported that one of the mine workers sustained injuries after he was stabbed for trying to resist the orders of the criminal gang.

“They told the other mine workers who were present to lie down but one employee who attempted to resist was stabbed and sustained some injuries,” said the Circle V mine supervisor.

Masuku further added that a police report was then filed, with officer-in-charge Shurugwi Police Station, Inspector Navison Munyonga visiting the scene in the company of armed riot police.

The presence of the armed cops did not, however, pay dividends as the attackers had already deserted the mine.

Munyonga confirmed the incident while speaking in an interview with one state daily.

No arrests had been made in connection with the mine attack during the time of publishing.

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