A 19 year old Lupane woman has been arrested in connection with a case of infanticide where she gave birth to a baby boy on 27th November 2020.

According to the police, she dug a pit in the garden and buried the infant.

The offence was discovered on 3th December, 2020 after the suspect requested for some pads from the informant who got suspicious and reported the case.

In an unrelated matter, a fatal accident occurred at the 101km peg along Harare, Bulawayo Road yesterday, in which two people died and seven others were injured when a Mazda BT50 collided head on with a Honda Fit travelling towards Harare.

This followed another accident in which three people, a man and two women, died on 5/12/20 along Bulawayo – Beitbridge Road when the vehicle they were travelling in collided head on after encroaching into the lane of oncoming traffic.

One of the female victims (late twenties) is yet to be identified.

Meanwhile, motorists have been urged to drive cautiously on the road and avoid overtaking when conditions do not allow them to do so safely.