Socialites Luminitsa Dumbisa and Zodwa Mkandla are reportedly at each other’s throats over flamboyant businessman Genius Ginimbi Kadungure.

According to a leaked WhatsApp conversation purported to be written by Luminitsa, Zodwa is said to be accusing her of being in a threesome relationship with Ginimbi another socialite and designer Danielle.

Luminitsa went on to leak a semi nud_e picture of Zodwa to drive a point that she was not the one to be trifled with. She also threatened to drop a se_x tape featuring Zodwa and more damning information.

Below is their explossive exchange:

Zodwa look, your fight is with Daniella and NOT with me. This business of yours moving around telling the world that me and Daniella and Genius are having threesomes and people in Genius house are telling you that we f**k each other is all lies and you need to stop this character slandering you are doing.

You are busy telling people that tikuzorana AIDS, which surprises me coz you are the one pathetically desperate to be his public girlfriend Not us. And i wonder why you are so desperate for Genius yet you are telling the world he has AIDS! saka u want a sick man for wat?

This is not my fight its yours and Daniellas and you made your biggest mistake wen you dragged me into this mess that has nothing to do with me coz i have never done nothing wrong to you but now im here.

You are not the only person who can be evil wanzwa, keeping quiet and minding my own business is not stupidity. Chih*re chako yu think we dont know it? But we dont care. All your illegal dealings your aiding and abbeting drugs in Zim, yu think we dont know and dont have proof. Bronco yako attached to your name and all the shit you do, are we talking?

All your nudes that i have access to and your fuc**ng se_x tape that i know off and have access to, u think im stupid hanti wen im silent. U busy saying Danny was yo friend and stole your man, iwe how many peoples husbands have you fu**ed and are still fu**ng?

Yu are busy befriending Prophet Boatengs wife and meanwhile what are you doing with her husband? Dont be funny, living in a glass house and throwing stones at others when your glass house can be destroyed with 1 brick. You are busy telling people me, a whole entire Lumi want Genius and iam desperate for the lifestyle he gives me, haibo are you fu**ng crazy? Wat life has Genius given me?

My boyfriend is a MULTI BILLIONAIRE, which your whole networth and that of Genius, and other rich people you think you know can NEVER amount to saka ndomudii Genius in that way?

He has his own place in my life and so do i, that we are both happy with. Have you gone mad trying to make me look as desperate for a man as yu? Busy telling people why is Lumi posting in his Rolls Royce ndoizivirepi? are u out of your mind?

My man has a Cullinan among his car collection, 3 yatchs, private JETS not 1 by e way, he fucking Runs Countries, saka what life is Genius giving me that i dont know? What Rolls Royce are yu on about that yu think inoshamisira undikwanire nhaika. Im not a broke poor girl from Zim anovhunduka RR, im a fu***ing Multi-Millionaire and not a rand millionaire mind yu, im a fu**ing US$ millionaire and im ONLY still in my twenties, basically a few yrs older than your daughter saka dont tell me about no life being handed to me coz i can afford my own life very much thank yu and very well too with enough change lying around.

Saka next time b4 yu start kushora, ask somebody and hve your facts straight. Kunyarara hakusi kupusa. That man is my brother, i was in his life WAY before u came along and i aint going nowere so dream on, yu can never seperate us just like he told yu before IM NOT GOING ANYWERE and there is nothing under the sun you will ever do about that. Unless him and i end our bond, yu cant do nothing about it so stop with your bitterness and attacking me for nothing!

Attack the person you should be attacking, Stop being scared to attack Daniella, shz the one u want to attack so please feel free to tell her that you are telling the world she was given AIDS by Genius as you are shamelessly spreading around, i dare you please tell her that.

Coz your malicious lies are f***ed up and yu need to stop it, especially towards me. I have no links to yu, nor have i ever attacked you in any way nor do i wish to but you are way out of line now. Nyara vanokunyarawo hanti.

I can easily give Daniella all your shameless nu_des and se_x tapes and all the evidence i have on your illegal dealings and arm her to attack yu. Usada kundidenha wen im quiet and living my own beautiful life not troubling nobody. Direct your anger, bitterness and desperation to Daniella and Genius and leave me the f*ck alone and out of it coz i dont belong in that equation.

Yu are not clean yourself and watever respect you think you have in people can disappear across this continent in a heartbeat from Zim, to Accra, Zambia to SA to werever u set foot in. Your problem is you think you are soo invincible and you are not. Tell me, do you bleed Zodwa? Because if you bleed you can get hurt ,so Dont f**ing try me. I can just show yu kuti u are not invincible,

You were calling someone recently desperately trying to talk to them coz u claimed yu were being accused of sponsoring aiding the previous first lady, how do i know about that conversation. I wonder🤔

Kunyarara hakusi kupusa nhaika. Be angry and bitter towards Daniella in your own little corner and leave me in my own corner. Tisada kutanga kufumurana coz if this fight you are looking for from me goes public, it wont be preety. Saka lets just respect each other. I dont control Genius d*ck or who he f**ks. He does that on his own accord. So learn to direct your anger and bitterness to him and huever he chooses to f*ck and leave me out of it coz i will always be around him so STOP BLAMING ME FOR HIS ACTIONS.

My friendship with Daniella has nothing to do with You or Genius or anybody so stop sticking your nose were it dont belong. Im sooo disappointed in you, how dare you tarnish my name OVER Genius. If yu want us this bitter fight of yours to go to the streets and ve dirty please let me know, im ready. Your call. Coz u are unbelievable i swear.

Both parties are yet to come out public with their feud however it looks like the first shot has already been fired.

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