Gweru police are investigating a 35 –year-old female teacher at Guinea Fowl High School for allegedly having a se_xual relationship with a 17 -year –old boy in her class.

Midlands Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the case but stated that a formal complaint hasn’t been lodged yet.

“Police acting on a tip off concerning alleged abuse of a 17-year-old boy by his 35-year-old teacher went to Guinea Fowl High School on Tuesday and interviewed the headmaster, the school development committee representatives and the teacher in question,” said Insp Goko.

The female teacher, Insp Goko said, dismissed the allegations when interviewed.

“During investigations, it came to light that the female teacher and the pupil share the same house. At school she teaches him (subject mentioned) and after that they are in the same house. Investigations also revealed that there is a third teacher who stays in that house,” he said.

“So the headmaster told the police that the school was investigating the matter. The female teacher refuted the allegations saying they were unfounded. She said she knows the pupil because she teaches him and after work or classes they share the same house.”

The matter is still under investigation.