One of Zimbabwe’s leading mobile company Econet Wireless says the coronavirus pandemic has been a ‘blessing’ in disguise for them as it also opened opportunities amid the need for enhanced digitalisation.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has led to the introduction of lockdowns and increasing calls for people to embrace the use of online services, a move that reduces physical contact between service providers and their customers, this has stirred up the use of mobile data too.

Apparently, Econet says the challenges brought about by the pandemic, have also called upon the need for accelerated digitalisation.

“This pandemic has helped us understand opportunities…,” says the mobile company.

Econet adds that while, due care is being observed and ways of managing the risks are being sought, the company is also on the look out for the opportunities presented.

“While managing risks, we’re also alive to the opportunities presented by COVID-19, particularly the accelerated need for digitalisation,” says Econet.