LIVERPOOL 0 , BURNLEY 1: Burnley have done what no English Premier league side has managed since Crystal Palace in April 2017. They won versus Liverpool in the league at Anfield. Burnley’s first win at Anfield since 1974.

The Reds’ 68-game unbeaten run ends. They have played for more than 1100 hours without losing at home.

More importantly they have not scored in their four Premier League matches. That is 438 minutes without scoring a Premier League goal.

Recently, they drew nil all with Manchester United and  New Castle. They lost 1 nil to Southampton in the other match leaving them fourth on the table, six points behind Manchester United.

Burnley goal scorer Ashley Barnes who scored the foul penalty said this to sky sports  Sky Sports:

“What a shift from the lads, great team performance and luckily enough we have come away with three points – we believe going into every game, we stayed resilient and in our shape and it paid off.

“We knew if we kept believing we would get something. We knew we were growing into the game, we knew they would come out with momentum and try to play fast, but managed to stick to our jobs.

“I knew there was one thing, to hit the back of the net and I done that. It’s a great achievement from the team that were out there today.”