Controversial politician Linda Masararira’s marriage to husband Gilbert Kangaidza is reported to have hit rock bottom and consequently, their break-up has exposed skeletons in the LEAD President’s private life.

According to sources, Masarira’s husband has since fled the country in fear of his life because Masarira was trying to have him abducted, killed or arrested for reasons which are yet to be clarified.

Speaking to reporters,  Gilbert confirmed the development and let the cat out of the bag on the political activist turned politician. Kaingaidza alleged that Masarira is on a government payroll and receives RTGS $5000 (in cash) monthly from the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and that the car she is currently using was given to her by the same state security agency.

I came here through border jumping, running for dear life. I had a chat with her two days ago and she said she is investigating me and has guys in SA as we speak looking for me. Meaning I’m a hunted man and can be caught any minute.

Masarira called the allegations spurious and that they were meant to destroy her political career,

That is pure absolute nonsense. If I was receiving that amount of money why am I struggling to pay my rentals, why am I struggling to pay school fees, why am I struggling to pay my debtors? That is pure utter rubbish. He is just a man who was on a mission to destroy me, who is trying to use whatever he thinks can portray me as a Zanu PF agent to the world to destroy me.

That was his intention from the word go. I’ve got audios from my son whom he was trying to recruit into his spy network. Who actually alluded to the fact that they were being paid. And he even confessed to me after the last time he had beaten me and tried to stab me with a knife in December that he was actually being used by Job Sikhala to set a narrative of destroying my political career.