Dear Editor| Many thanks for giving me space in your publication to air my views concerning an alien culture fast permeating local showbiz.

It’s not only a sickening culture but a deadly ailment and as the late celebrated music icon Marshall Munhumumwe would put it: Chirwere chacho tikachiregerera chinouraya!

legend… the late Marshall Munhumumwe

First and foremost, I’m just but a concerned showbiz player who thinks that local artists are getting it wrong by disrespectfully hiring and firing managers as if they’re rotting tomatoes bloated at some stinking market stall at Mbare Musika.

Kuitwa madomasi akawora chaiwo!

It is fast becoming a tradition that local artists who would have made it in their respective musical careers, treat their managers as useless pawns whom they can fire mindless of the priceless contributions these managers would have invested in the attainment of such successes.

As a result of such rotten practices, the artists end up self-managing themselves or in most scenarios, firing expert managers and replacing them with very incompetent and questionable personalities close to them.

And, the end result of this despicable hiring-and-firing culture is the fall-from-grace of such artists.

It is only advisable that they take a cue from the inimitable Jah Prayzah who saw it fit to rope in the services of a University of Zimbabwe-trained bank manager and holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies (Marketing), Keen Mushapaidze.

I just wonder what would have become of JP if he was in the business of hiring and firing managers at will.

I have so much respect for Peter Moyo and his music but it cannot be disputed that the chaotic manner through which he has handled his band management is testimony to his failure to fit into the shoes of his late venerated father, Tongai Moyo ‘Dhewa’.

Forewarned is forearmed ma artists- musazoita vana ndambakuudzwa vatakazowona vave nembonje pahuma.

Respect your managers and bear in the mind that- Kuti rinzi band it’s all because of good management.

I rest my case.

Matyoramiti, KWEKWE