Henrietta Rushwaya and President Mnangagwa

Titled Unveiling Zimbabwe’s Dark Secrets: AlJazeera’s documentary exposing looting, plunder and money laundering is finally set to premiere today evening.

The two-year investigation on corruption and money laundering in Zimbabwe involving senior government officials and their cronies was supposed to premiere on 2 March 2023 but was put on hold over ‘technical issues.’

“Tomorrow(today) evening we will all see the looting and plunder of ZANUPF elites and their surrogates!

“They are even angry with us journalists for simply reporting that there is a film coming as if we made the film, instead of being angry with their unpatriotic and criminal behavior,” says renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono.

The documentary is expected to expose senior government officials and politically connected syndicates.

According to a statement put by the Al Jazeera investigation unit, undercover reporters infiltrated rival gangs that control Africa’s gold.

Through thousands of confidential documents and exclusive interviews with whistle-blowers from within the criminal underworld, investigators obtained the blueprints of billion-dollar money laundering operations that service the political elite.