July 31 Movement Operative

Dear Zimbabweans

It is with great boldness dear Zimbabweans to share with you that despite oppressive circumstances we are in, never should we give in to the suffocation of our right to speak out against the excesses of the State against its citizens.

Giving in to oppression is rewarding and burying our future to the oppressor.

The arrest and incarceration of our colleagues Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume for simply speaking against looting and corruption has never been witnessed in modern civilization.

It is now clear even to the most daft that the world was sold a charade of the so called new dispensation. Criminalising a cry against looting is bringing our country to the world of the wildlife.

Oppressors enjoy looting and all the luxuries of life when they are silencing everyone. 40 years of independence we have suffered indurable oppression in our own country.

From Monday this week the oppressors created a barrack of all its security agencies around my house.

The Feret team was deployed at my house, as if speaking against looting and corruption is a crime. The most desperation was the tracking and chasing of my wife on her way to the Church with 3 motor vehicles, two unmarked and the other one a Double Cab Nissan NP300 with false number plates. The Feret team comprises of members of the CIO, MID, PISI and Law and Order.

Their purpose is generally abduction, torture and assassinations. Tobaiwa and Javangwe were the PISI members leading the forces of darkness.

Our team on the ground kept surveillance on all their movements. Curious cars frequented past my house.
This is exactly what oppressors enjoy.

This can not be accepted in modern civilization. It is the duty of all of us as Zimbabweans to speak out on the 31st of July. Wherever you will be just carry your placard and go to the nearest place of the representative of the looters.

Whether you are a member of ZANU PF who is not a benefiary of looters, People First, ZANU Ndonga, National Patriotic Front, MDC or Christian Democrats please speak out.

Whether you are in Juba, Toronto, Dubai, Nairobi, Qatar, New Delhi, Pretoria, Cape Town, New York, Washington, Francistown, Gaborone, Moscow, Berlin, London, Sydney carry your placard to the Zimbabwe Embassy and speak out.

Speaking against looting and corruption is sancronsact. Whether you are a Doctor, Engineer, nurse, teacher, soldier or police just look at your pay slip.

To the Pastors, Prophets, Apostles and all Men and Women of God speak out. The flock you are shepherding on behalf of God is suffering. They need redemption. Let the cry be head. Ooh Lord hear your children.

Speak out Zimbabwe Speak.

I Thank you.