Image: Nehanda Radio 

Legendary producer and playwright Cont Mhlanga has been admitted to a medical care facility in Bulawayo.

Mhlanga has not been feeling well and has been under close medical monitoring since Friday 22 July 2022.

He is said to be in a stable condition and responding well to treatment.

In a statement, the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe Tuesday implored members of the public to stop unnecessary raising alarm on Mhlanga’s health.

“While, understandably, as international art and cultural icon Cont’s health condition raises a lot of interest, however, members of the public are encouraged to resist the temptation of raising unwarranted alarm over his health condition.

“The Family spokesperson Gcina Mhlanga, Fairtalk Communications and the NACZ will from now on be responsible for communicating any relevant information related to Mhlanga’s illness,” Rodney Ruwende NACZ communication and marketing manager said.

“All other statements emanating from sources other than the ones mentioned above should not be regarded as the official position of the family or his close associates,” said the family in a statement.

Ruwende called on members of the public to desist from communicating private family matters on public platforms.

“The NACZ implores practitioners not to abuse the social media space to communicate false and unverified information following the events of the past two days where players have been communicating about the health of NAMA legend Cont Mhlanga.

“Members of the public should disregard any messages currently circulating on social media purporting to be representing his family and seeking financial assistance for his medical treatment.

“The Mhlanga family is grateful for the words of encouragement and prayers and appreciates the love that has been shown by practitioners in the CCIs and members of the public during this period,” Ruwende said.