LATEST: Thomas Mapfumo apologises over Alick Macheso humiliation

Following his rant on Alick Macheso, legendary Zimbabwe musician Thomas Mukanya Mapfumo has retracted his earlier statements and issued a heartwarming apology to the King of Sungura.

In the 5 minute video which has gone viral on social media, Mapfumo clarifies that he never said Alick was a below par singer, his comments were taken out of context and he loves Macheso as a fellow musician.

He also said Macheso in number 1 Zimbabwe bass guitar player and his children and himself enjoy and love the Sungura icon’s music as there is no better singer than him in the country.

However, Mukanya did not have kind words for the singer’s management.

Mapfumo lashed out at Alick Macheso’s management for “stifling the musician‘s growth across the globe.”

He said Macheso should not be limited to entertain Zimbabweans living in England but should have shows across Europe and America to prove his worthy across different ethnic and racial groups.


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