The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans and some elements withing the ruling Zanu PF want Mugabe out by yesterday even before 2018 elections, says President Robert Mugabe.

According to the President, some of them are even discussing with Mugabe’s biggest and most powerful friend China how the country desperately needs new minds and fresh hands to revive the ailing economy.

“They have this thinking that the president has overstayed and should go. So war veterans come to Harare … so that we can discuss this. Some of you are going as far as China to tell them we want a new leader. I am ready to step down from my post if people will follow our procedures,” Mugabe said.

He was  addressing a rally attended by members of the G40 faction supposedly led by his wife First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Mugabe appears to be at odds with the Team Lacoste faction supposedly led by VP Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Team Lacoste has been recently decimated after a number of its most vocal members were fired from Zanu PF for being too vocal and disrespectful to party leadership.

They have also been accused for openly running meetings in public and secret places where the names of Mugabe and his wife Grace are routinely abused and disrespected in a manner that has shocked many in  Zimbabwe including those in opposition circles.

President Mugabe has made it clear that the main reason for contention and crises in the ruling party is because his once loyal storm troopers (War vets and youths) are no longer singing the same tune as him.

They want him out of Zanu PF, out of State House and out of government and politics.