A Shurugwi gold panner is admitted at Claybank Hospital in Gweru after his left leg was cut off by three colleagues who accused him of flirting with a wife of one of them.

The accused got their information from a self-styled prophet and used an axe to hack off Simon Vingirai’s leg.

Charles Chingwaya (29), Philbert Chingwaya (22) and Tafadzwa Rundoro (31) appeared before Shurugwi Magistrate Percy Mukumba facing charges of  attempted murder .They were remanded in prison on the 29th of June 2020.

They accused Vingirai of having an affair with Charles Chingwaya’s wife.

It is the State case that on May 29, 2020 the trio went to Adare Farm in Gutsaruzhinji area Shurugwi where they found Vingirai drinking at Chief Ndanga’s bar.

They confronted the complainant over the infidelity issue and the discussion degenerated into an argument that saw Charles Chingwaya striking Vingirai on the head with an axe. He struck him three times near the knee and the leg was cut off.

The State alleges that the trio took turns to use the axe against the complainant.

Charles Chingwaya conceded in court that he did not have any evidence that his wife was involved in extra-marital affair as he was only acting on information provided by a self-styled prophet.

The accused were remanded in custody.