The Zimbabwean Government now recognizes the Movement for Democratic Change 2014 structures as the legal main opposition party, Information deputy minister Energy Mutodi has revealed.

This development comes after the High Court nullified the appointment by MDC of Nelson Chamisa as the party president following the death of Morgan Tsvangirai on February 14, 2018. The ruling forces the party to revert back to its 2014 structures.

In an interview with Newsday Mutodi said the government recognizes MDC 2014  structures as the legitimate opposition and Chamisa should step down.

Chamisa has been ruled illegitimate and we are saying he must step down. What we are saying is, the opposition may be there, but it has to stick to its democratic principles, it has to stick to the expectations of Zimbabweans so that it can contribute meaningfully to the success of Zimbabwe. As it stands, the MDC has actually deviated from its democratic principles and we urge it to actually go back to the principles that were left behind by Morgan Tsvangirai.

The ZANU PF led government has been accused of meddling in the affairs of the main opposition MDC party.

These accusations intensified following a High Court ruling that appeared to stall the MDC congress preparations and hand the leadership of the party to Thokozani Khupe.