Pastor Evan Mawarire of this flag Zimbabwe movement has hit back at President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party following calls by the 92 year old for him to go into exile.

Mawarire is shocked that Mugabe is so disconnected with reality on the ground to the point that he does not realise how bad life has become for ordinary Zimbabweans.

The flag pastor shocked Zanu PF when he successfully organised stay aways in Zimbabwe protesting against deteriorating economic situation.

“I have said this before and I am saying this again now, that the statement (Mugabe’s statement) is a sign that our own government is far removed from the reality of everyday citizens in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“I don’t need anyone from outside Zimbabwe to come and give me money or tell me in my ear that I am failing to raise funds to put my kids through school or that I can’t get access to health or that I am hungry. I know that it is a reality that I am living with.”

 Mawarire pointed out that Mugabe’s  Zanu PF was no longer the party to solve those worsening crises, as they had proved their ineptitude beyond doubt.

“I think they (Zanu) have proved to us over the last couple of years that it will be a difficult task for them to deliver those things,” Mawarire said.