A pro Mnangagwa, Lacoste Faction of Zanu-PF youth league is reportedly organising a massive demonstration against the party’s political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere tomorrow.

Kasukuwere is facing accusation of corruption in land and stands allocations.

However, a rival grouping from the first lady, Grace Mugabe’s G40 faction has vowed to fight back as factional fights escalate in Zanu PF.

The crises has been blamed by party insiders on President Robert Mugabe’s obstinacy in not anointing a successor.

A Zanu PF insider who spoke on condition of anonymity told reporters that Kasukuwere could be arrested as people are now questioning his wealth that he acquired  by hook and crook including stealing youth funds, National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board funds, community share ownership trust funds when he was the Youth minister and the well known  plunder of the country’s wildlife.

Last week the minister was humiliated by Mugabe for doling out residential stands to his cronies and prophet Magaya.

The march, dubbed Anti-Kasukuwere Mega Demo, is due to start at the open space near the Harare Magistrates’ Court at 10am.