Residents from Redcliff have expressed concern over abuse at the hands of security details manning a roadblock proxy to the Midlands mining town of Kwekwe, saying the place has now literally become a border post where travellers are humiliatingly screened and oftentimes, unjustifiably ordered to return back home on foot.
Zwnews this morning witnessed hordes of travellers who were aboard a Kwekwe-bound ZUPCO bus being dropped off and subsequently forced to return back home after failing to give satisfactory reasons as to why they were getting into the central business district.
This reporter also had pictures in his mobile phone forcibly deleted by armed police details manning the roadblock before being subjected to agonising interrogations despite producing a Zimbabwe Media Commission accreditation card.
“I was going to Kwekwe General Hospital to visit an ailing relative but they just couldn’t have none of it”, a Redcliff resident who had been forced to return back home told this publication.
“They dismissed my genuine reason of visiting a bed-ridden relative as a tired excuse and I do not even know what he is going to eat today,” he said.
Another resident, a Tendai Shoko, fumed:
“I was actually going back home after having spent the night in Redcliff but they stopped me. I stay in Kwekwe and my family is waiting for me.”
Shoko resides in Kwekwe’s Amaveni suburb.
Recently, the Kwekwe district Civil Protection Unit (CPU) introduced strict lockdown measures in a bid to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Amongst some of the strict Covid-19 measures, it was resolved that all routes leading into the city be sealed off while families were urged to assign one individual when buying foodstuffs at grocery shops which open in the morning and close at 12pm.