In a move meant to minimise and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, the city of Kwekwe has, with immediate effect, closed all its entry points and subsequently put a lid on those travelling into and out of the Midlands mining town.
During a provincial/district meeting held in Kwekwe yesterday, it was also resoved that people should exercise maximum confinement, adding that only one member of the family may be assigned to go out and buy foodstuffs preferably at the next shopping centre.

Before the current mandatory lockdown came into effect, Kwekwe hogged the limelight for bizzare, poorly evidenced claims that some Chinese executives could have possibly sneaked back into the country without being quarantined for the castrophic Covid-19.
In recent weeks, a Kwekwe General Hospital nurse with Portugal travelling-history raised eyebrows after she, together with her son, were placed into self-quarantine as they were waiting for test results.
Their test results, which were announced under pressure, proved they were negative.