Reactions after the Supreme Court today ruled that Nelson Chamisa is not the legitimate MDC leader in a judgment that settles the leadership wrangle between him and Ms Thokozani Khupe:


“The judgement affects an entity called the MDC-T not MDC Alliance. We are the MDC Alliance and our President is

@nelsonchamisa .” @MDCAllianceZW   Vice President @BitiTendai

One thing has been confirmed today, Zanu PF is living in perpetual fear of President Chamisa

@nelsonchamisa  Dr Nkululeko Sibanda
This is a remarkably detailed statement for someone who should not have had any foreknowledge of the judgment. One questions how it is the Supreme Court judgment was known so well by so many, so well in advance. This is utterly farcical. #Zimbabwe
The content & timing (in the midst of the #Coronavirus lockdown) of the judgment handed down this afternoon by the #Zimbabwe Supreme Court speaks volumes about the nature of our judiciary at present. Whatever the case Judges do not make leaders; the court of public opinion does. David Coltart

This is clear evidence for the world to see how irresponsible Mnangagwa & his regime are. When the whole world is trying to save lives whilst fighting the deadly Coronavirus, Mnangagwa is busy engaging in reckless agendas to fight

@nelsonchamisa using a captured judiciary! Tragic Hopewell Chin’ono

What an irresponsible, petty regime! At a time the world is grappling with Covid 19, the illegitimate regime of Emmerson Mnangagwa is seeing an opportunity to destroy the people’s movement. Leaders of political parties will never come from courts!

@mdczimbabwe @nelsonchamisa Gladys Kudzaishe
Hear hear hear. No political dispute in history has ever been settled by a court of law. All political disputes are settled politically. This is a Sarajevo Moment! Jonathan Moyo.