The UK’s new chancellor of the exchequer, or finance minister, who has become the first black person to take on such a high-profile role in British politics, is trending in Ghana.

Conservative politician Kwasi Kwarteng was born in the UK in 1975, but his parents came to the UK from Ghana in the 1960s as students.

Despite his Ashanti name meaning born on a Sunday, he was actually born on a Monday, he has previously told the BBC.

Described by a previous colleague, Rory Stewart, as “incredibly intellectual”, Mr Kwarteng, 47, attended the prestigious Eton College after gaining a scholarship, and later went on to study at Cambridge University and Harvard.

He also holds a PhD in economic history, in the tradition of his father, who was an economist.

His appointment has been reported widely in Ghanaian media and some Ghanaians online have been celebrating the historic moment.

“Congratulations Kwasi Kwarteng …. Ghana is really proud of you,” one person tweeted.

“I feel proud to have a Ghanaian, Kwasi Kwarteng, in the helm to scrutinise UK public expenditure”, another said.

However, Mr Kwarteng has come under criticism in other quarters for what some view as his right-wing politics including his views on a low-tax economy.