Nox Guni’s wife, Tallyn Ndudzo, who recently hinted trouble in their relationship when she changed her Facebook page’s name removing Guni, has thrown another salvo at their 4 year old marriage suggesting her husband who is “financially dependent on her” has been having unsanctioned rendezvous with people of the opposite gender.

In a message shared by zimcelebs, Tallyn went on to suggest that she has done a lot for her other half yet this does not stop him from breaking her heart.


Nox Guni’s wife is dishing us some Tea  The streets are saying the two have split but they haven’t announced it yet but sis is hinting and it looks like its going to be a dramatic break-up


Wakambodanana nemunhu wezita here guys wekuti you do everything for her/him

Food you buy


Lands/ stands Building



Every support you you can think of you give then okuhurira zvinosemesa pamusoro pazvo zvekukuigira turwere twepabonde aaaaaaa

You do everything Chake kuvhaira kuita kunge akarongeka asi kana shungu unenge uchiona kuti hapana including using your parents car but achikuitira hutsinyeeeee just asking aasa

tallyn ndudzo knox guni