Artist Killer T’s bouncer committed suicide on Wednesday at a Harare hotel, along Samora Machel Avenue, sources say quoting close associates.

Takudzwa Mutaguta, 22, is believed to have downed cyanide to end his life.

He reportedly sent his father, Prince Mutaguta, a suicidal WhatsApp message.

There are claims he was having marital problems with his wife.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the death.

He urged people to engage third parties, elders, counsellors and the police, to help resolve their differences.

“Police are investigating a suspected suicide involving a married man, whose body was found lying at a local hotel around 2.15pm, on Wednesday,” said Insp Chakanza.

“The now deceased was booked in Room 108, on the first floor of a hotel located corner Samora Machel Avenue and Rotten Row Road.

“A container, with cyanide poison and crystals mixed with an unknown liquid, was recovered. “The deceased’s father confirmed receiving a suicidal WhatsApp message on August 1 at 7.23pm.

“The message read, ‘I have tried to be strong but I have failed’.

“The deceased was reported to have been facing marital problems with his wife and his father was once engaged and failed as well,” said Insp Chakanza.

However, many versions are emerging on social media, even though all of them seem to point to one thing – marital challenges.

Other versions claim the couple separated a few months ago due to his habits of cheating on his wife.

The couple has two children.

“Some are saying he killed himself after his wife cheated on him,” said a source.

Another source said Takudzwa was actually the one who was cheating on his wife.

“Mukomana aihura zvekudaro uyo.

“He used to date this girl wataishanda naye so ndaigarosiirwa mari yevharamuromo naye since taigara same hood navo that time and he knew we were schoolmates,” said another source.

Another source said:

“Wafa wanaka shuwa. He cheated first.”

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