CONTROVERSIAL prophet and socialite, Passion Java, is at it again.

He is embroiled in a social media war with Zim Hip Hop artist, Kikky Bad***, after weeks in which he was taking aim at Baba Harare.

Passion was the first to attack Kikky in a post, which reads:

“Kikky bad man hanzi naMwari tora body iyo asi face chizvionera.”

The post did not go down well with Kikky, who hit back and described Passion as a “drama queen” desperate for attention.

“For someone to call himself a prophet and to act like a 13-year old is beyond me.

“I have written in English so that I can tag your wife and in-laws.

“Panganai Java, you’re actually disgusting and I think it’s time you come out of the closet and tell them how you really get down.”

Kikky said she blamed Passion’s friends for his wild behaviour.

“This behaviour has gone too far and I blame vanokusekerera. You’re literally a drama queen and live for likes and retweets.

“All you do is insult people and try to be funny when you’re really not, you gamble in casinos then turn back to use the name of God in vain.”

Kikky said Passion finds relevance in people’s names.

“I didn’t use anyone’s name to come up like you, I have worked hard for everything I have.

“Put some respect to my name, you’ve disrespected me a couple of times and I kept quiet, not today,” she said.

She added: “That other time you asked me to fight with you on Facebook and I refused, you went on to post about me.

“Play with your kids and your girlfriends.”