Kudzai Terrence Mushonga aka ‘Ndege Boy’ who was recently revealed as Khanyi Mbau’s boyfriend is a wanted man in Zimbabwe where he reportedly defrauded a prominent Harare Micro-Financier of US$166 000 using fake documents in September 2016.

He went under the radar for years only to resurface yesterday when Mbau posted his images on her social media pages.

According to a 2017 Zimbabwe police report “Manhunt for fraudsters,” Khanyi Mbau’s man and his two friends duped Zimbabwe money landers before vanishing (probably across the border to Mzansi) without notice after getting a bail.

See below full details of the con as reported by Zimbabwe Republic Police in 2017 via the state run Herald Newspaper on 14 June 2017:

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is on the hunt for three suspects who defrauded a Harare Micro-Financier of $166 000 using fake documents to apply for a loan.

The three are 24-year-old Tatenda Mandimutsira (63-101730060-Z-50) of Dzivarasekwa 2 in Harare, Njabulo Ndebele (24) ID number 45-2000782-X-56 of Brook Village in Borrowdale, Harare and 25-year-old Kudzai Terrence Mushonga (63-1461470-M-43) of Village Way in Borrowdale Brook, Harare.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba made the announcement in a statement yesterday. “The Zimbabwe Republic Police is looking for three suspects for fraud. “These suspects are wanted for a case of fraud involving $166 000, which occurred in Harare on 10 September 2016,” she said. “The suspects purported to be employees of Dream Air Company which is non-existent and applied for a loan from the complainant who is a registered Micro-Financier.

“The suspects produced fake documents for the loan application. The complainant unsuspectingly approved and deposited a total of $166 000 into the accused’s CBZ Bank account. They paid a few instalments so that the complainant could gain trust in them.”

Snr Asst Com Charamba said the offence came to light after the suspects applied for yet another loan of $37 500. “The complainant checked with CBZ on the authenticity of the bank statement and realised that it was concocted and reported the matter to the police,” she said. “The suspects were arrested and remanded out of custody, but later defaulted trial.”

For Khanyi, her love-life and choice of boyfirends have been put under the microscope time and again.

Its possible she naively thought Kudzai Mushonga is what some Zimbabwean media once portrayed him as – “The youngest Zimbabwean to ever own an airline”.

He is believed to be the first Zimbabwean to own an airliner back in 2016, which he reportedly acquired with stolen money. His nickname Ndege Boy(boy who owns an aeroplane) says it all about how he views himself.

Zimbabwe Republic Police has not yet issued a statement regarding his resurfacing now that love may have put him in the spotlight.