SOUTH AFRICA: A School Principal who was caught in the act with a Kgagatlou Secondary student in Polokwane, Limpopo, received a thorough beating from angry community members.

He was caught bedding a student who is a learner at his school. The video of the incident has since gone viral.

The unnamed teacher was allegedly caught red-handed sleeping with a student in his office during school hours.

The matter was instantly reported to the Mphahlele community whose members did not hesitate in administering mob justice on the teacher.

In a video circulating on Twitter, the naked and bloody teacher can be seen tied to a poll and getting a beating.

South African Secondary School Principal Caught Pants Down With Kgagatlou Student in Office

“Makamela* are you sure you’re sleeping with our children,” one community member can be heard shouting in the video while the teacher is thronged by seemingly angry parents who are also shouting in the background.

The age of the victim has not yet been revealed.

Stories of teachers bedding students are rampant in South African schools.