Ketty Masomera vehemently denies any involvement in the dissemination of Mai TT’s explicit video and images on social media. She maintains that she only became aware of them when they appeared in a WhatsApp group. Mai TT had accused her ex-husband, Tinashe Maphosa, of forwarding the nudes to Ketty, who resides in Ireland. However, Ketty refutes these accusations, claiming that it was actually Mai TT’s former lover, Forget Muranza, who leaked the content. According to Ketty, Mai TT had promised to repay a loan but failed to do so, leading Forget to seek revenge by sharing the intimate material.

Ketty expressed her frustration, stating, “She is blaming me for something I didn’t do just to provoke me. Her ex-lover, Forget Muranza, is the one who leaked her nudes.” Ketty further explained that Forget became angry with her for constantly demanding the return of the money through her Facebook Live sessions. Out of anger, he resorted to revenge porn, causing significant disturbance in Ketty’s otherwise peaceful life.

Mai TT took to Facebook Live on Tuesday morning to express her outrage about the leaked nudes, claiming that they were recorded by Tinashe when they were still together. She expressed shock upon receiving the explicit content, stating, “When the nudes were sent to me, I was shocked. Even worse, when I saw the video, I was disgusted by the explicit nature of it.” Despite the distress caused by the incident, Mai TT remained resilient and defiant, asserting her confidence in her own body.

In an unrelated matter, Mai TT faced rigorous questioning in court regarding a case in which she is accused of using a rented vehicle as collateral for a loan obtained from a loan shark. The prosecutor, Monalisa Magwenzi, sought to clarify discrepancies between Mai TT’s initial defense outline and her testimony during the trial. Mai TT initially claimed that the car was entrusted to Rachel Mhuka for safekeeping, but during her testimony, she alleged that Mhuka had forcefully taken the vehicle from her assistant. The prosecutor pressed for clarification on the correct version of events. Mai TT, however, refused to answer certain questions, leading the presiding magistrate, Munashe Chibanda, to issue a warning and instruct her to respond directly without posing questions to the prosecutor.

The trial will resume tomorrow, with the expectation of testimony from a defense witness. It is worth noting that an unidentified woman was expelled from the courtroom for recording Mai TT while she was on the witness stand.