For 35-year old Kenneth Nzungu, not even the sky stands as a barricade to his insatiable pursuit of becoming one of the most enviable entrepreneurs in the construction industry.

A holder of a Class Two Journeyman certificate, the Gweru-born-and-bred Nzungu (pictured below) is proudly the brains behind G-Nut Building trading as Kenny Building Construction- indisputably one of the fastest rising construction companies in the Midlands Province.

“Construction is something that I was really born with and when I enrolled for a Certificate of Skilled Worker Qualification in Bricklaying, it was in pursuit of my longstanding dream of establishing my construction company.

“I started in Gweru in 2015 and the company is now headquartered in Redcliff, Midlands Province,” said Nzungu in an interview with this publication.”

He added, saying:

“We draw our clientelle base locally and we are looking foward to spreading our wings beyond Redcliff and the Midlands Province. At the present moment, we have a very lean staff compliment and this is because of the harsh economic environment that we currently operate under.”

“So, in a bid to ensure sustainability of the company our workers are remunerated on a target-based basis”.

“Interested individuals with different kinds of trucks- be it 7tonne, 10tonne, 15tonne or any truck size who can partner Kenny Building as contractors. We are currently using a single truck in our fix-and-supply services. So, naturally, the need for more trucks to supply our clients is beyond dispute,” he said.

Born on the 15th of October 1986, Nzungu started his primary education at Chomuuyu Primary School in Gokwe before proceeding to Chomuuyu Secondary in the cotton-farming Midlands settlement.

Kenny Building Construction is contactable on +263779840332 or +263714061922.

You can also email [email protected] if you have any querries.