Kasukuwere to lead a grand coalition govt in 2023

By by Mary-Kate Kahari/Malvin Motsi| PRETORIA/HARARE – Former Zanu PF political commissar and cabinet minister, Saviour Kasukuwere, is plotting to form a Grand Government of National Unity (GGNU), if he wins the country’s 2023 presidential elections, Spotlight Zimbabwe, can reveal.

Insider officials running Kasukuwere’s presidential cyber campaign and another controversial movement called #TysonWabantu, said the politician currently based here in South Africa intends to form a GGNU, comprising of all key opposition leaders, including MDC Alliance president, Nelson Chamisa, who is likely to be appointed vice president or prime minister in the grand coalition administration.

Former first lady, Grace Mugabe, and one time powerful information czar in President Robert Mugabe’s government, Jonathan Moyo, are also being linked with presidium positions, should Kasukuwere’s government come to power.

“There is a massive war chest in place for this purpose my friend, “said one of Kasukuwere’s strategists in Harare. “Kasukuwere is going to form what we are terming a Grand Government of National Unity (GGNU), better than the GNU we had in 2009. From our expert polling projections we expect him (Kasukuwere) to split the Zanu PF and opposition votes, and that is potentially enough to carry him past the 50+1 electoral threshold required to become president and form a government.”

Another Kasukuwere camp insider said the 2023 polls are simply a game of numbers, which the former minister can garner in his favour. “2023 is about electoral numbers and maths, which Kasukuwere can garner in his favour with a little bit of extra campaign hard work. Zanu PF is going to perform dismally with an exit poll projection of around 15 percent, while we expect the MDC Alliance to slide down from their 2018 performance, to about 30 percent votes. Kasukuwere can therefore invite Chamisa and the smaller parties, to form government.”

“It’s going to be an all inclusive government and we might witness former first lady, Grace Mugabe, and Jonathan Moyo becoming vice presidents, since Chamisa is likely to settle for the prime minister’s office to run government, while Kasukuwere, Grace and Moyo run the state. Remember where you heard it from, when it happens. A lot of heavyweights from Mugabe’s Zanu PF era, shall also bounce back, and there might be one or two new ministers picked from Mnangagwa’s defeated Zanu PF for the purpose of national unity and development.”

Kasukuwere’s political movement’s twitter handle claims to be a social movement established for leadership rebirth in Zimbabwe, under the former minister’s rule.

“#TysonWabantu Movement is a Social Movement created for Generational and Leadership Renewal in Zimbabwe under the able Leadership of Saviour Kasukuwere,” reads the twitter profile.

Moyo has distanced himself from the campaign movement, which he has described as a “brainlees CIO project”, while Grace allegedly attacked President Emmerson Mnangagwa this week for “running the country like a tuckshop” and warning that Mnangagwa will be “history” in three years time.

Mnangagwa has declared Kasukuwere and the oustered Zanu PF G40 faction an enemy of the State, according to party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo, who addressed journalists after a Zanu PF politburo meeting on Wednesday night.

“He (Mnangagwa) challenged the politburo leadership to be more visible at the grassroots and associate with programmes of government, always giving people a message of hope, those hobnobbing with G40 elements stand warned,” said Khaya Moyo.

“Anybody, doesn’t matter at what level if they are hobnobbing with G40 then they stand warned. G40 is not a threat to Zanu PF. It’s a threat to the country including the MDC. It’s a threat to security and security affects everyone.”

Zimbabwe’s first GNU was formed on 13 February 2009 following the inaugurations of Morgan Tsvangirai as Prime Minister and Thokozani Khuphe and Arthur Mutambara as Deputy Prime Ministers. The coalition was organized among the late Mugabe’s Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front, Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change, and Mutambara’s MDC.

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