Mnangagwa ally gets death threats from G40 over leaked audio

It’s now a matter of life and death for  Zanu-PF members fingered in Norton primary election rigging saga after death threats were sent to top party official Robert Kahanana.

It’s not very clear why Kahanana, a close ally of VP Mnangagwa, is being targeted though there are indications that the threats could be coming from the rival G40 faction accused of rigging Norton election, the wrong way.

Kahana is in the audio clip that exposed the dirty tricks used by Saviour Kasukuwere to impose Ronald Chindendza, ‘a well known Norton thief’, according to Mugabe, as the Zanu-PF candidate in the by-election held October 21.

Chindedza was imposed as the party candidate at the instigation of Kasukuwere after he had polled only seven votes.

Kahana confirmed receiving death threats from fellow Zanu PF officials;

“Since morning, ndanzwa nemathreats nearticle yabuda munational paper,” he said.

President Mugabe lashed out last week at the party’s leadership for allowingChindedza to contest.

He described Chindedza as a well known Zanu PF thief with a bad reputation in Norton.