Edmore Mhangami

In an incident that unfolds more like an African movie script, a Karoi businessman brought the small town to a standstill after he was caught bathing in his butchery in what appears to be a ritual ceremony.

Tinashe Gweme (45) who owns Fine Meat sells was allegedly caught by his security guard bathing in the butchery, while murmuring strange words.

In an interview the security guard Mr Happious Magwaza narrated what transpired to this reporter.

“I had come to work earlier than usual this day. Usually I start work at 6pm but I do not know why on this day I came at 5pm. I heard the splashing of water in the cold room and wonder what might be going on.  It was only after I went there that I found Mr Gweme bathing in the cold room,” alleged Mr Magwaza.

He said that he was shocked and ran out before telling some vendors what he had seen.

The source said in no time masses people gathered outside of the butchery but Mr Gwema had locked it from inside.

“After about an hour Mr Gweme the came out all dress and drove off in his Range Rover. I called him later and told him that I was not able to be on duty that night and he calmly said it was ok,” added the source.

Mr Magwaza said this was the last day that he has been at the butcher and has not spoken of it with his former employer.

When reached for comment Mr Gweme could neither deny nor confirm the allegations.

“If you have nothing to write of in your paper write about the rains that we are receiving than tarnishing other people’s images. I am a well-respected man who values his privacy and would like to keep it that way! Besides I own that premises so if I did do it or I didn’t how that does concern you?” charged the business man.