The Kariba Regional Tourism Development and Marketing Strategy and the Kariba Safari Lodge in Kariba has been launched.


The Strategy will help fulfil the region’s desire to be the leading destination in Zimbabwe with the capacity to competing regionally and internationally anchored on sustainable utilization of its unique assets of wildlife and nature, myths and culture and water.


Launching the strategy, Tourism minister Nqobizitha Ndlovu also commissioned a new 50 bed Kariba Safari Lodge and its sister facility, the Crownef Eagle Boutique Hotel as new additions to the accommodation room stock in the Region.


Meanwhile, Zimbabwe records a 63% increase in tourist arrivals.


Tourists arrivals Jan-Nov

πŸ”˜2022: 895 338 visitors

πŸ”˜2021: 340 000 visitors

πŸ”˜163% Increase


The average hotel room occupancy Jan-Nov

πŸ”˜2022: 44%

πŸ”˜2021: 27%

πŸ”˜17% positive change.


The country also registered 133% increase in Jan-Nov tourism receipts as the tourism industry rebounds.


Tourism receipts Jan- Nov

πŸ”˜2022: US$672,9 m

πŸ”˜2021: US$288,8 m

πŸ”˜133% Increase.


Tourism investments Jan- Nov

πŸ”˜2022: US$306,7 m

πŸ”˜2021: US$90,4 m

πŸ”˜239% Increase.