Famed actor and comedian Freddy Manjalima, widely known as Kapfupi, recently stirred up social media with a subtle plea for a new car. In a post aimed at well-known philanthropist Wicknell Chivayo, Kapfupi’s indirect request generated buzz and speculation among fans and followers.

Chivayo has garnered a reputation for generously gifting artists, particularly musicians, with lavish cars as a token of appreciation for their talents and contributions to the arts. Kapfupi’s decision to seek support from Chivayo through social media reflects a growing trend of artists reaching out to industry benefactors.

In his post, Kapfupi hinted at his desire for a car, tagging Chivayo and asking, “I’m an actor, I do dramas, my name is Kapfupi. I would like to ask if you only gift musicians.” This statement sparked discussions online, with many agreeing that Kapfupi, given his extensive career and contributions, merits recognition and support in the form of a vehicle.