Mashonaland Reporter

The once celebrated comedy collaboration between Freddy Manjalima a.k.a Kapfupi and Arnold Marisi a.k.a Marabha has took a dramatic turn with Kapfupi labeling Marabha mentally incapacitated.

Speaking at the sidelines of a National Aids Gala held at Magunje growth point recently Kapfupi said Marabha’s childish antics exposed his (Marabha’s) levels of thinking as he had gone public through the media saying Kapfupi is a wizard who possessed goblins and had tried to bewitch him.

“Marabha ndakamukwidza ndege kuenda kuLondon dai ndairoya tisina kuenda nerusero here?” (I went with Marabha to London in a plane. If i was a witch why didn’twe use a flying saucer)  he said.

Kafupi added that Marabha was his worker whom he paid and had no reason to bewitch him.

“Chero dai ndairoya ndingaroya munhu anondi sevenzera here? Munhu anomirira inikupera kwemwedzi?” (Even if im a wizard can i possibly bewitch my employee? Who waits for me to pay me on the end of every month)

Kapfupi said what Marabha said of him has no impact on his life both as an artist and an individual.