Killer Zivhu, the popular former Zanu PF MP for Chivi South on Monday appeared to point the finger of blame at his erstwhile party after his Mercedes was set alight while parked at his home.

The Mercedes was reduced to a shell after the incident on Sunday night.

The inferno, which is under police investigation, comes just two weeks after Zivhu was involved in what he said was a suspicious accident. The front left wheel of his Mazda CX-9 came clean off as he drove, allegedly after the wheel nuts were deliberately loosened.

“Last night they came and set my white Mercedes Benz on fire. The car is a burnt-out shell,” Zivhu said on Twitter, without elaborating on who “they” were.

“Just kill me, but nothing is forever,” Zivhu added in a coded message.

Zivhu was expelled by Zanu PF in July last year after he called for talks between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his opposition MDC Alliance nemesis Nelson Chamisa, which he said would resolve Zimbabwe’s economic crisis.

In recent weeks, Zivhu has been publicly gravitating towards Chamisa and the MDC Alliance.

He said in a March 25 tweet: “Guys since others are defecting from Chamisa is it a good idea if I join him? At the other party I was expelled but I’m still young to leave politics and I still have the zeal to change lives in our communities yet I’m not affiliated to any party.”

Zivhu has tried to row back from that position in later tweets, pledging loyalty to Mnangagwa.

Zivhu, who cut his teeth in business as a cross-border trader, was one of the most popular MPs in Zimbabwe. He furnished schools, constructed classrooms and fed the poor with his own money, but his insistence that “Mnangagwa needs Chamisa”, as he said in one tweet, incensed some in Zanu PF who said he was feeding into the opposition narrative that the Zanu PF leader is illegitimate after a disputed election win in 2018.