Martial artist Wilfred Mashaya has been appointed the Mediterranean Karate Alliance (MKA) ambassador to Zimbabwe for the promotion of martial arts in the country.

He has competed in several events held by MKA and has also had students from his academy take part in some of the competitions.

Mashaya received the confirmation on Monday.

“I feel very much humbled, happy and honoured to have my efforts in the martial arts circles recognised by the international community

“Sometimes you will be working hard, doing it out of passion not knowing that the international community will be paying close attention.

“I started training martial arts a long time ago when I was eight years old. There are many trials and tribulations along the way but as a warrior you develop an indomitable spirit to never quit no matter what.

“Growing up I always told myself that I would want to make my nation proud either through sports or through acting like my icon the legendary Bruce Lee and I hope am getting there,” said Mashaya.

He will be responsible for the development and promotion of various martial arts in the country as well as nurturing young talent.

“My responsibilities are to develop and promote various martial arts styles in Zimbabwe and try to put our talented martial arts athletes on the world sporting map through their participation in tournaments and seminars.

“To identity skills in different martial artists and nurture them for best results.

“And to promote martial arts among women and try to make them love and embrace it as it comes with many benefits like physical fitness and self-defense skills that can be used in real-life situations,” said Mashaya.

Mashaya believes the development will also put the country on the map through participation in various competitions and locally he is expected to organise and host competitions

The Zim Ninja Academy founder and his son Wilfred Jnr recently participated in an online tournament, Samurai World Championships in Forms.

“We just said Covid-19 and the lockdown should not hinder us from representing the nation as our mission is to continue flying our country’s flag high. Now we are waiting for the results of this tournament, which we hope will be out by end of this week or early next week,” said Mashaya.

The tournament organised by Poland will be judged by professional judges around the world. -The Herald