Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says Minister of Local Government July Moyo and Minister of State Security, Owen Ncube are undermining and working against President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

He says their actions are going to bring Mnangagwa’s name into disrepute adding that they are not loyal to him.

Mliswa claims the two are working systematically to fight and remove those who would tell the President the truth and give him sound advice.

“July Moyo & Owen Mudha are alleged to be in the forefront of taking people’s mines and violence in the Midlands and come 2023, it’ll work against @edmnangagwa. This is one of the biggest security threats ever! In my opinion they’re not loyal to the President but patronise him.

“They’re not honest with @edmnangagwa and have worked systematically to fight and remove those who would tell the President the truth,” says Mliswa.

The outspoken MP says ZANU-PF is currently burning with rifts likely to get wider towards elections.

“It’s clear the cylinders aren’t firing in ZANUPF and I’m sure more will be exposed. As we go towards elections, factions become more prominent,” he adds.

Mliswa believes the war veterans who have over the years been the ruling party’s foot soldiers and who should be credited for the coup that brought Mnangagwa into power are not happy with the recent developments, and could work against ED.

“Victor Matemadanda and Douglas Mahiya were key in communicating and stood firm. The mobilisation of people on the 17th November 2017, can be attributed to the War Vets, not the Army. This recent firing, won’t go down well with the War Vets. Their welfare remains unattended to; it’s a hot potato,” he says.

Mliswa points out that ZANU-PF decimating itself.

“This is clearly ZANU-PF decimating itself, a ZANUPF without structures; it’s different to a ZANUPF led by the late RGM. He may not have been highly visible on the ground, but the institutions created that vision as they believed in him,” posits Mliswa.